Protecting Your Shades This Summer

29 June 2016
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Remembering where you put your sunglasses does not get easier as you age. If you are lucky, you've just left them on top of your head once more. Unfortunately, if you are like many folks, your sunglasses fall behind the car seats, are left behind in stores, and are chewed up by the family pet. Although there are no surefire ways to never lose a pair again, you can make some adjustments to help your sunglass situation.

Car Case

Many vehicles have built-in sunglass cases. These are great except that you may forget to use them. You might wear your sunglasses into the house on top of your head or stuff them in your jeans or purse. The next day you open the car case, and it's empty. One method that may help is to paste a sticker to the driver's window where you can't help but see it as you exit the car or truck. You can find cute little kid's stickers at the discount store depicting bespeckled cartoon characters. They should be colorful enough to catch your attention but not big enough to block your sight.

Pair Them

You can also try keeping your sunglasses with something you cannot leave your home without, like your keys or your cell phone. In fact, you can use one of the sunglass neck cords that you forget to wear to tether your sunglasses to one of these items. At least when you forget your keys and your phone, you usually remember to go back for them.

Multiple Pairs

Experts will tell you never to purchase a pair of sunglasses that you cannot afford to lose. However, you should actually keep one nice pair to wear to work or on "nicer" occasions. Your local optical lab can help you choose a pair that gives you maximum protection and cuts down on road glare. If you are going to the beach, the park, your company's softball game, or other places where sunglasses go to die, bring a cheap pair from the dollar store. As long as they offer 100% UV protection, your eyes will be fine. You can also indulge your desire for colorful or oversize frames knowing that you can change up your look at any time. Try those hot pink and jumbo models. If you grow tired of the style before you lose them or break them, pass them to your children or grandchildren. This practice makes your tendency to shed your sunglasses during summer activities a less expensive habit.  

Protecting your eyes from excess sunlight is important to their health. You are more likely to get an eye condition such as cataracts if you do not shade them from UV rays. You can't give up wearing sunglasses, but you can protect yourself from misplacing them.