Six Mistakes To Avoid When You're Recovering From Cataract Surgery

25 October 2018
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Cataract surgery is a fairly simple procedure that can restore your vision and improve your eye health. However, you need to take care of yourself during your recovery to avoid complications.

Unfortunately, patients sometimes make simple mistakes that compromise the success of their cataract eye surgery. The following are six mistakes to avoid when you're recovering from cataract surgery for the best results.

Not resting after you return home from surgery

While cataract surgery is a simple procedure, it's still a good idea to set some time aside to rest after you get home from surgery.

Moving around too much or bending over so that you put pressure on your eye can cause you discomfort and make recovery more difficult. Go home and sleep after surgery to avoid exertion.

Failing to take eye drops that were prescribed to you

It's fairly standard for doctors to prescribe eye drops after a cataract surgery procedure. These eye drops will reduce inflammation and also stop infections from developing.

You need to make sure that you take these eye drops so that your eyes heal up quickly and completely.

Engaging in exercise or heavy lifting too soon

It's important for you to take a few weeks off from excessive exertion or lifting. Straining the facial muscles or experiencing impact injuries on the face during athletic activity will be painful during recovery and can cause complications that will require treatment.

Rubbing your eyes

You need to be self disciplined during recovery and keep your hands off of your face. Rubbing your eyes can aggravate the surgery site. 

While it can be tempting to rub your eyes because they may feel irritated as they recover, you should avoid the temptation. If you experience irritation, discuss the issue with your doctor and look for other options for relieving the irritation.

Swimming immediately after surgery

It's important to avoid submerging yourself in water when you're recovering from cataract surgery. Swimming or putting your head underwater in a hot tub can allow bacteria to get into your eyes. This will increase your risk of developing infections that will slow down recovery.

Neglecting to wear recommended protective devices

Doctors will frequently instruct patients to wear eye patches while they are recovering from cataract surgery. Eye patches are especially important at night. 

At night, you may unconsciously rub your eyes or scratch around your eye and aggravate the surgery site. This possibility makes protective eye patches important.